Manufacturing increases your meth production so you don't have to spam the "COOK!" button.

Manufacturing MethodsEdit

Name Description Base Price Rate Risk
Storage Shed A cheap shed with electricity $20 0.2/s 5%
Used RV A low cost RV, perfect for remote cooking $210 1/s 0.5%
Abandoned Trailer An abandoned trailer in an area heavily neglected by the police $1,000 5/s 1%
Small House A small house in a bad neighborhood $5,000 25/s 5%
Abandoned Warehouse A large abandoned warehouse with vaulted ceilings $25,000 100/s 5%
Laboratory An above ground laboratory outfitted for meth production $125,000 500/s 10%
Underground Laboratory An massive hidden laboratory for your discreet cooking needs $6,250,000 2,000/s 0.5%
Meth-o-matic 9000 The latest and greatest in laboratory technology, converted for meth production $35,000,000 13,000/s 10%
Meth-o-matic 9000S Just like Meth-o-matic, but features voice activated control $40,000,000 14,000/s 10%
Subterranean Complex A sprawling underground complex the size of a small city $505,000,000 50,000/s 0.5%
Island State Purchase a small island country, and turn it into a meth-based economic superpower $2,501,000,000 105,000/s 0%
Moonlab Alpha A massive moon laboratory for cooking meth far away from the DEA's clutches $32,501,000,000 1,150,000/s 0%
Meth Star That's no moon... it's a man made super lab! With tractor beams. $1,632,501,000,000 11,205,000/s 0%
Industrial Complex A massive industrial complex with thousands of cooks. Cautious? Nope! Effective? You're Goddamn right $41,032,501,000,000 55,205,000/s 55%
Heisenbelt A series of labs on the outer edges of the solar system that convert asteroids into pure crystal $410,325,010,000,000 492,005,000/s 0%
Planetary Meth Replicator Convert all of a planet's matter into pure crystal $1.91Q 1.59B/s 0%
Portal to The Crystalverse Attempt to open a portal to another universe full of Cookies, err... Crystal Meth $21.91Q 21.59B/s 10%

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

As the manufacturing equipment gives more batches of meth per second, you want to keep a balance between the Manufacturing equipment and the Distribution equipment so that you can have a positive net value and a positive gross at the same time.

Selling manufacturing facilitiesEdit

Selling manufacturing facilities (or means of distribution) seems to only give you half your money back. So to buy an expensive manufacturing facility and to then (once you have lots of excess meth) sell it temporarily, to buy an equally expensive means of distribution with the money may initially sound like a plan but doesn't actually work, because you only get half the money back when you sell manufacturing/distribution facilities.