Laundering money will lower your percentage for getting caught with the IRS. Laundered cash is safe from being stolen or seized by the DEA or IRS. The higher the laundered to unlaundered cash ratio, the lower the likelihood that you'll be audited.

Name Description Base Price Rate
Lemonade Stand Launder minimal cash through a lemonade stand $200 $1/s
Nail Salon Purchase a nail salon to launder a small amount of cash $8,000 $12/s
Banana Stand Invest in a banana stand for your laundering pleasure $100,000 $120/s
Chicken Restaurant Invest in a fried chicken restaurant to safely launder a fair amount of cash $1,000,000 $1,500/s
Laser Tag Theme Park Launder money through laser tag! $10,000,000 $16,000/s
Car Wash Launder cash through an overpriced car wash $100,000,000 $220,000/s
Online Donations Launder cash through an online donation network $500,000,000 $5.2M/s
Offshore Account Launder cash using an offshore finance account $4,500,000,000 $60M/s
NYME Launder high volumes of cash through stocks and bonds on the New York Meth Exchange $50,500,000,000 $750M/s
Food Franchise Why launder through a restaurant, when you can launder through an entire franchise? $150,500,000,000 $4.55B/s
Space Cantina Launder your cash on an intergalactic scale with the Space Cantina $750.5B $14.55B/s
Space Resort Launder your cash through a low gravity spa and resort $2.5005T $200B/s
Space Corp Launder cash through a shady conglomerate that deals in planetary colonisation, asteroid mining, and other technology, with secret ties to the military $10T $1.2T/s
The Crystal Methwork Launder through a popular television network, included in every cable package in the galaxy $120T $10.5T/s