Distribution will increase the amount of methamphetamine you sell.

Distribution MethodsEdit

Name Description Base Price Rate Risk
Dealer A common street thug to sell your goods $20 0.2/s 2%
Drug Mole Someone to stuff drugs in their rectum and distribute them $230 1/s 0.5%
Drug Van A runned-down van that actively seeks out customers $2,300 8/s 5%
Sleazy Lawyer Reduces your risk of getting charged by the DEA, also distributes some product on the side $5,000 10/s -5%
Nightclub Purchase a run down night club and sell your classy product to the patrons $25,000 100/s 5%
Drug Cartel Drug cartels can move a lot of product, but their services are not free $125,000 400/s 10%
DEA Mole Hire a DEA informant, which allows for increased and discreet distribution while reducing risk $6,250,000 1,000/s -5%
Foreign Diplomat Hire a foreign diplomat to partner with the best drug pushers in their respective countries and reduce risk $33,000,000 5,000/s -5%
City Police Force Pay off an entire city police force. All of them, even the by-the-book detectives, greatly reducing risk $165,000,000 10,500/s -10%
Crooked Senator This crooked member of the senate will provide you with some of the best distribution channels as well as help keep the fed outta your biznaz $801,000,000 45,000/s -10%
Rival Cartel Pay off a rival cartel, greatly increasing the demand for your product $3,005,000,000 105,000/s 25%
El Presidente Partner with a dictator of an impoverished country for unchecked meth distribution $32,501,000,000 1,150,000/s -5%
Space Mules Space mules ain't your daddy's drug mule. They supply extra terrestrial beings with a steady stream of your sweet sweet crystal $1,632,501,000,000 11,205,000/s 0%
Meth-Mart The MM franchise is an easy way to distribute product to shoppers, but it's very risky, as you would imagine $41,032,501,000,000 55,205,000/s 55%
Meth Horizon According to commander Tony Drake, these high speed shuttles quickly transport product from the far edges of the solar system $410,325,010,000,000 492,005,000/s 0%
Intergalactic Meth Relay Distribute meth to crank-lovin' sentient life from the far reaches of the galaxy $1.91Q 1.59B/s 0%
Church of the Crystal Your meth is pure enough that there are some who believe Truth can be seen on the crystal's surface $21.91Q 21.59B/s 0%